Noah's Ark Wooden Balance Game - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids
Noah's Ark Wooden Balance Game - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids

Noah's Ark Wooden Balance Game

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Noah's Ark Wooden Balance Game is a sweet 14 piece game of skill and luck, packed in a tin box, where you try to make your opponent topple over a animals on Noah's Ark. This is a very simple game but don't be fooled it is very hard to master. You roll a dice and then have to place the piece with the corresponding colour on a wobbly curved ark. The next person then does the same and has to place their piece on top of yours and so on. This game can be made easier or harder depending on whether you place the rounded base of the ark on a hard or soft surface.

The little pairs of animals in this set are great to play with as a block set independent of the game and the tin box means pack up time is easy.

Size: Box is 10cm x 6cm

Material: Wood Child-safe paint, Tin box

Age: 3 +

Weight: 0.50kg
Brand: Kaper Kidz

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