NEW The ABCs Of Consent Poster - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids
NEW The ABCs Of Consent Poster - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids

The ABCs Of Consent Poster

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The ABCs of Consent Poster is designed to empower children with a deep understanding of boundaries and consent. The poster features a comprehensive collection of age-appropriate concepts that help children navigate and comprehend the important topic of consent. Each letter of the alphabet is accompanied by an insightful illustration and a corresponding word or phrase, carefully chosen to instil a strong foundation of understanding and respect for personal boundaries.

By using relatable examples and child-friendly language, the poster effectively teaches children about the significance of seeking permission, understanding personal boundaries, and the importance of open and respectful communication. Through this resource, children learn to navigate relationships and interactions with empathy, kindness, and a clear understanding of consent.

Promoting Emotional Intelligence and Boundary Respect

Navigating the terrain of personal boundaries and developing respectful interactions is paramount during a child's impressionable years. The ABCs of Consent Poster stands out as a beacon in this developmental journey. By immersing themselves in the vivid visuals and insightful concepts of this poster, children unearth profound understandings, solidifying their grasp on consent and enhancing their cognitive and comprehension abilities.

Informed by holistic educational paradigms and reinforced by meticulous research, the ABCs of Consent Poster has manifested a significant influence in instilling a deep-rooted comprehension and appreciation of consent in children. Through the poster's engaging graphics and narratives, young minds are empowered to discern, articulate, and adeptly traverse their interpersonal boundaries, establishing the groundwork for respectful relationships and productive communication.

Expanding Emotional Vocabulary and Stimulating Visual Learning

Central to the ABCs of Consent Poster's efficacy is its role in broadening children's emotional vocabulary. With the poster as a visual guide, children encounter a spectrum of emotions, cultivating their emotional lexicon and fostering heightened self-awareness. This skill set, enabling them to identify and voice diverse feelings, not only catalyses compassionate and empathetic engagements but also furnishes children with enduring tools for emotional maturity and sagacity.

Furthermore, the ABCs of Consent Poster serves as a catalyst for visual learning. Children are naturally drawn to the poster's vibrant illustrations, which not only capture their attention but also deepen their understanding of consent and boundaries in an intuitive manner.

As children engage with the ABCs of Consent Poster, they embark on a compelling odyssey of boundaries, mutual respect, and introspection, laying the foundation for a future infused with understanding, empathy, and well-informed interactions.


Size: A3 (297 x 420 mm)

· Professionally printed on 250gsm silk matte card stock

· Proudly designed and made in Australia.


Children under the age of 3 years should be supervised when around this product. Do not allow children to suck or chew on the poster as it may cause parts to break off, causing a choking hazard.


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