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My Feelings Poster

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Teaching children about emotions significantly enhances their emotional intelligence, nurturing their overall wellbeing. The skills gained from understanding and managing emotions pave the way for improved mental health, social competence, and effective communication. This emotional literacy also aids children in forming healthier relationships and in making informed decisions. Furthermore, a comprehensive understanding of their emotions empowers children to navigate stress and challenging situations, fostering resilience.

Our My Feelings poster serves as a valuable tool in this developmental journey, offering a clear depiction of various emotions. With the poster showcasing 36 diverse facial expressions and corresponding feelings, like happiness, sadness, anger, and more, children can recognise, comprehend, and label their emotions. This educational resource promotes emotional recognition and regulation, equipping children with the necessary tools to become emotionally intelligent individuals.


Fostering Emotional Growth and Social Skills

Understanding and managing emotions is a foundational part of a child's development. Our My Feelings poster serves as an important guide in this significant journey. The poster offers an engaging way for children to delve into their emotional landscape, attain essential insights, and enhance their emotional intelligence.

Our My Feelings poster has demonstrated its success in nurturing emotional awareness and regulation in children. Through engagement with this poster, children can recognise, understand, and manage their emotions, cultivating crucial life skills that set the stage for healthier emotional expression and social interactions.

Advancing Emotional Intelligence

At the heart of our My Feelings poster's impact is the promotion of emotional intelligence in children. By interacting with this poster, children learn to identify and understand a spectrum of emotions, thereby broadening their emotional vocabulary and self-awareness. The ability to recognise and express their feelings effectively not only encourages empathy and social connections but also arms children with enduring skills for emotional intelligence and wellbeing.


· Size: A3 (297 x 420 mm)

· Professionally printed on 250gsm silk matte card stock

· Proudly designed and made in Australia

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