NEW My Calming Strategies Poster - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids
NEW My Calming Strategies Poster - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids
NEW My Calming Strategies Poster - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids

My Calming Strategies Poster

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The My Calming Strategies poster provides children with tangible tools for emotional self-regulation. It showcases 24 research-backed calming techniques, which include both individual and co-regulation methods. While many of these strategies promote independence in managing emotions, the poster also highlights the importance of supportive adults in a child's emotional journey. The techniques also tap into the benefits of physical movement and sensory experiences as means to alleviate stress and anxiety.

For a holistic approach to emotional self-regulation, consider complementing the poster with our Calm Down Cards.


A Lifeline for Young Minds Amidst the Emotional Storms

Children's lives are a whirlwind of emotions. Sometimes they are gleeful gusts, and at other times, they are overwhelming tempests. Understanding and navigating these feelings is a pivotal part of growing up. Enter the My Calming Strategies Poster – your child’s trusty compass through their emotional voyage.

A Visual Anchor in the Emotional Seas

Visuals have a unique way of grounding us, and for children, this is especially true. The My Calming Strategies Poster serves as a beacon, making the vast ocean of emotions a little less daunting. Bright, clear illustrations guide young minds, helping them identify their feelings and the best ways to manage them.

Every Emotion, A Pathway to Calm

This poster provides actionable, easy-to-follow strategies. Whether they need self-soothing techniques or avenues to connect with a comforting adult, this poster offers a comprehensive guide.

More Than Just Wall Art – A Constant Companion

While the My Calming Strategies Poster adds a splash of colour to any room, its true value lies in its daily utility. It is a go-to reference, a reassuring presence, ensuring that whenever a child is caught in an emotional downpour, they know exactly where to find their umbrella.

Embark on an Emotional Odyssey with Confidence

With the My Calming Strategies Poster by their side, children are not left to drift aimlessly in the sea of emotions. They are equipped with a roadmap, an understanding, and most importantly, the confidence to sail through. Embrace this poster and set your young one on a journey of emotional discovery and resilience.


· Sizing options: A3 (297 x 420 mm) and A2 (420 x 594 mm)

· Professionally printed on 250gsm silk matte card stock

· Proudly designed and made in Australia


Children under the age of 3 years should be supervised when around this product. Do not allow children to suck or chew on the poster as it may cause parts to break off, causing a choking hazard.

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