NEW Calm Down Cards - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids
NEW Calm Down Cards - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids
NEW Calm Down Cards - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids
NEW Calm Down Cards - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids
NEW Calm Down Cards - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids
NEW Calm Down Cards - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids
NEW Calm Down Cards - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids
NEW Calm Down Cards - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids
NEW Calm Down Cards - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids

Calm Down Cards

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Learning how to self-regulate is an important milestone in child development, especially in the early years of life. A child’s capacity to regulate their emotions can impact on their social and emotional wellbeing, and their ability to thrive in a complex world. When it comes to raising emotionally intelligent children, one of the most important things that adults can do is to help them explore strategies to regulate their emotions when experiencing heightened feelings.

Our Calm Down Cards include 37 research-based strategies to support your child’s brain functions when processing big and intense feelings. The cards provide different calming strategies, including both individual strategies and co-regulation strategies that encourage close connected support from adults. The cards also feature options for physical movement and sensory input to help reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall wellbeing.


Guiding Young Hearts and Minds to Emotional Calm

Growing up is challenging. From the joyous giggles to the temper tantrums, every child goes through a spectrum of feelings. Understanding and managing these emotions is pivotal for their development, setting the stage for a balanced and emotionally healthy future. Our Calm Down Cards are designed precisely to navigate these tumultuous emotional terrains, providing kids with tools to find their calm amidst the storm.

Turning Big Feelings into Teachable Moments

Every emotional outburst, every tear, every heightened feeling can be a moment of growth. But how do we channel these intense emotions into positive learning experiences? The answer lies in understanding self-regulation. With our Calm Down Cards, children are not just told to calm down; they are shown how. By exploring these 37 research-backed strategies, children learn to understand their feelings and discover effective ways to soothe themselves.

A Toolbox for Emotional Wellbeing

Imagine a toolbox filled with tools to fix any emotional hiccup. That is what the Calm Down Cards offer. From techniques that a child can apply independently to strategies where they can seek comfort and support from adults, these cards cover it all. Whether it is physical movement to channel restless energy or sensory activities to find grounding, each card is a step towards emotional balance.

More Than Just Cards — A Companion for Growth

Life is unpredictable, and emotions can often catch us off-guard. In these moments, the Calm Down Cards act as a gentle reminder and a guiding hand, helping kids and adults alike navigate the complexities of feelings. It is not about suppressing emotions; it is about understanding and managing them.


· 37 cards in each pack

· A6 size - 105mm x 148mm

· Professionally printed on 350gsm card stock, with matte laminate, and rounded corners

· Each set comes in a premium calico drawstring bag for safekeeping

· Proudly designed and made in Australia.


Children under the age of 3 years should be supervised when using these cards. Do not allow children to suck or chew on them as it may cause parts to break off, causing a choking hazard.

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