NEW Body Scan - Mapping My Feelings Poster - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids
NEW Body Scan - Mapping My Feelings Poster - #HolaNanu#NDIS #creativekids

Body Scan - Mapping My Feelings Poster

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The Body Scan: Mapping My Feelings poster is thoughtfully crafted to assist children in recognising and understanding the unique physical sensations associated with their diverse emotions. This resource serves as an exceptional tool for stimulating conversations around the nature of physical sensations and their manifestations across the body.

By encouraging children to connect their emotions with bodily sensations, this poster provides an additional layer of emotional insight. This enhances children's self-awareness and ability to articulate their feelings, all while fostering a holistic understanding of the mind-body connection.

Through interactions with our Body Scan poster, children embark on a journey of self-discovery that deepens their understanding of emotions and promotes healthy emotional expression. This essential tool can be a cornerstone in their emotional development, empowering them to navigate the emotional landscape with increased awareness and resilience.



Encouraging Emotional Growth and Body Awareness

The exploration and management of emotions are key components of a child's development. Our Body Scan: Mapping My Feelings poster serves as an essential resource in this developmental journey. The poster offers an interactive and comprehensible means for children to explore their emotional landscape, gain valuable insights, and enhance their emotional intelligence whilst building a deeper understanding of body-emotion connections.

By interacting with this poster, children can decipher, interpret, and proficiently navigate their feelings and associated physical sensations, thereby nurturing important life skills that lay the groundwork for healthier emotional expression and social interactions.

Boosting Emotional Intelligence

At the heart of our Body Scan: Mapping My Feelings poster's impact lies the development of emotional intelligence in children. Through engagement with this poster, children learn to identify and comprehend an array of emotions and their physical manifestations, thereby expanding both their emotional vocabulary and bodily self-awareness. The ability to recognise, articulate, and connect their feelings with bodily sensations not only fosters empathy and social connectivity, but also endows children with long-lasting skills for emotional intelligence and wellbeing.


· Size:  A3 (297 x 420 mm)

· Professionally printed on 250gsm silk matte card stock

· Proudly designed and made in Australia

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