Art Station for Toddlers

Art Station for Toddlers

We know arts plays a big part in our children’s development but what are the key benefits? Arts promotes creativity while allowing our children to enhance the following skills:

  • Self-expression
  • Visual processing
  • Fine motor skills
  • Literacy
  • Problem solving
  • Connection to the people and the world
 Art Station for Toddlers Art Station for Toddlers


Having a dedicated art station helps us incorporate and encourage arts at home as it ensures accessibility to the supplies and the freedom to create what they want, when they want to. When a new idea sparks, they can create without asking for our help to bring out the supplies.

The art station for my 3 years old sits in a shared space in our living/dining area, which includes a child sized table and chair and an art cart.

Art Station for Toddlers

Here’s what we have in our art station.  

Please note most of the materials are things she is already very familiar with therefore is less likely to experiment by misusing them. I also regularly refresh her cart based on her interest.

Items she is likely to use often currently sit in the desk holder. They are categorised and stored in recycled jars. From left to right – scissors, watercolour pens, washable markers & colour pencils.

The rest of the supplies sits in her art cart. On the table is a holder for some paper and colouring books.

Art Station for Toddlers

Top tray:

  • In the left containers are paint brushes, school glue, glue stick and paint sticks.
  • On the right, washable metallic paints and finger paints.
  • A watercolour palette.

Middle tray:

  • In the left container, dot markets and crayons
  • On the right, craft punches and washi tape.
  • A mini HeyDoodle mat

Bottom tray:

  • Paper cutouts
  • Stickers
  • Origami paper
  • Googly eyes and pom poms
  • Recyclable materials (egg cartons, empty toilet rolls etc)


  1. You can decide what to put out and it is okay to not present something they are not ready for (such as scissors or glue). For example you may only need a couple of supplies such as paper & markers for a very young toddler.
  2. Select child sized materials that are appropriate for their little hands.
  3. Washable pens/paints are your best friends while they learn to use them as it means you can step back and allow them to explore.
  4. Categorise the supplies and remove clutters so they can see what they need.
  5. Hang/present their completed arts at their eye level, which encourages them to create more. We use our fridge.

Shop our art supplies here:

The finger paints are non toxic and can be wiped clean from their skin easily. My 3yo enjoys using them to make ink blot arts currently.

Art Station for Toddlers

Finger Paint - 6 Colours Set

The paint sticks works on many surfaces and dries very quickly. They are also easy to blend which is great for learning colours. 

Silky Paint Stixs

Cut outs range

The colour of the metallics paints are vibrant and they are washable.

Art Station for Toddlers

The Heydoodle mats are reusable and wipeable. They are perfect for travelling too as they take up very little space.

I kept these glitter pens in a separate cupboard, they are for use under supervision.

 Art Station for Toddlers Art Station for Toddlers 

Art Station for Toddlers


Life Of Colours Liquid Chalk Markers

Art Station for Toddlers

The chalk markers are also stored separately as they are used under supervision. They work very well on magnetic tiles.

We hope you find this blog helpful. Enjoy arts and crafting with your little ones!

Blog written by Chung @zo.and.sunny for @holananu. Pictures taken for @holananu

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