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My Wheel Of Feelings Poster

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Empowering our youth to understand and articulate their emotions can often be a perplexing, overwhelming, and formidable task. Our My Wheel of Feelings poster is intentionally designed to assist children in recognising, comprehending, and expressing their emotions in various contexts and environments.

The poster showcases six primary categories, each zeroing in on different emotional states, accompanied by related secondary subcategories. Through interaction with this resource, children can not only enhance their 'feelings vocabulary' but also boost their ability to identify and convey their emotions at different moments.

Structured around Dr. Gloria Wilcox's acclaimed Feelings Wheel, this resource plays a vital role in emotional education, encouraging children to delve into their emotions and promoting healthy emotional expression. By strengthening emotional literacy, the My Wheel of Feelings poster aids in building resilient individuals who can navigate the emotional world with confidence and empathy.



Fostering Emotional Growth and Understanding

The path to understanding and managing emotions forms a critical aspect of a child's development. Our My Wheel of Feelings poster acts as an indispensable companion in this vital journey. This poster provides an interactive and user-friendly avenue for children to dive into their emotional spectrum, amass valuable insights, and bolster their emotional intelligence whilst mastering the art of emotional articulation.

Inspired by Dr. Gloria Wilcox's renowned Feelings Wheel and supported by research, our My Wheel of Feelings poster is efficiency in nurturing emotional comprehension and management among children. By engaging with this poster, children can identify, understand, and proficiently navigate their emotions, cultivating essential life skills that pave the way for healthier emotional communication and social bonds.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

At the heart of our My Wheel of Feelings poster's influence is the promotion of emotional intelligence in children. Through interaction with this poster, children learn to identify and understand a vast range of emotions, thereby expanding their emotional vocabulary and self-awareness. The ability to recognise and articulate their feelings not only encourages empathy and social connections, but also furnishes children with enduring skills for emotional intelligence and wellbeing.

Guided by our My Wheel of Feelings poster, children embark on an enlightening journey of emotional exploration, self-discovery, and growth, setting the stage for a future defined by emotional resilience and empathy.



· Size: A3 (297 x 420 mm)

· Professionally printed on 250gsm silk matte card stock

· Proudly designed and made in Australia

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