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Routines can be part of an organised and predictable home environment, which helps children feel safe, secure and looked after. And a predictable family life can also help children cope during development changes. Also, routines built around having fun or spending time together foster a sense of belonging and strengthen family relationships.

This special bundle aims to help create a nice routine for children using the following products:

  • Little pick-me-up cards (Girls Thriving, $29)
  • Affirmation cards (Lil’Eve $26)
  • Yoga cards (Mindful Munchkins $28)
  • Timber stand (5 Little Bears, $8)
  • Invitation to check out our Pinterest board for more information regarding emotional intelligence, children’s routines and other great resources to help young children navigate their emotions. Please reach out if you need extra support, we are happy to help.
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Little Pick-Me-Up cards are beautifully designed affirmation cards aimed at building confidence, resilience and self-belief in primary school-aged children. Use these fun cards to help your child build a strong mindset and resilience from a young age.

Pop a card in your child’s lunchbox, sneak one into their backpack, or place one on their pillow at night to remind them how awesome they are!  The whimsical illustrations and positive messages will remind your child they are special and they are loved.

Mindful Munchkin

Illustrated yoga cards are a fantastic tool for parents or teachers to use to encourage children to practice different yoga poses. Each card has a cute instructional rhyme to help little yogis form the pose.

Poses included:

Cat/cow, dog, frog, mouse, hello sun/ hello ground, snake, tree, mountain, star, shark, surfer, telephone, boat, butterfly, relaxation, giraffe, adventure bus, moon, door, magic carpet.

  • Colour printed on 10x16cm matt laminated card (420gsm)
  • Rounded corners
  • An informative booklet is included with each pack
  • Each pack comes in a reusable bag.
  • Suitable for children 2-8 years


These original “Australiana” affirmation cards have been uniquely designed by Lil’ Eve creations and talented Aussie artist “Art by D Till” for young kids aged 3-14yrs. These hand-painted water colour pictures bring to life the Australian Flora and Fauna. The engaging pictures are colourful and warm that not only the children love, but adults too.

These cards have been reviewed and are supported by Carla Anderson, Child Clinical Psychologist, who is a mum of 3 herself.

Our entire belief system is created from the ages of 0-7 years. Everything we see, hear and are told, becomes part of who we are. Imagine if we can help our young ones to create a belief system by wiring their brain (neural pathways) to believe all those beautiful positive qualities about themselves. Imagine what that can change for them during their lifetime by starting them early on this journey. Imagine the impact it could have if they are wired to believe they are loved, they are smart, they are strong.

But my child is over 7 so how does this help? Easy…its called repetition. Repeating these affirmations over and over regularly, help to re-wire any negative beliefs that have formed.  These positive affirmation cards encourage a healthy positive mindset, self love and confidence.

18 Individually designed cards with 1 instruction card

Size A6 (10x15cms)

Rounded corners for more durability with those little hands

Proudly Australian made and printed locally on quality 100% recycled 350gsm card.

Comes in a quality cotton drawstring bag.


5 Little Bears

Timber Stands, approx 22 x 5.5 cm. These timber stands have a groove cut wide enough to hold a range of our 3 mm plywood products.


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