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Is your child into dinosaurs?

We have this fun bundle that includes:

  • Dinosaurs Hey doodle reusable placemat with quality markers included.
  • 3x dinosaurs stampers.
  • Play dough OR sensory sand.
  • CollectA dinosaurs (tube of 10  pieces)
  • Colouring book with small pencils.

Some children have an ‘extremely intense interest’

Firstly, it may be partly down to a naturally occurring psychological phenomenon known as ‘extremely intense interests’. Extremely intense interests (or EIIs) are frequently seen in preschool-aged children and obsessions can range from dinosaurs to vehicles to The Wizard of Oz.

Researchers say that around a third of the kids they studied had these EII’s, and that they start to emerge at around 18 months of age.

Having such keen interests can help kids become more observant, increase their attention span and promote efficient information processing skills. So knowing every single dinosaur by name and which era they come from is setting your child in good stead as a brilliant little learner.

Experts say these interests tend to promote ‘fact collecting’ behaviour and it’s thought that the transition from home to spending more time at school – and adhering to set curriculum – may interrupt or slow down kids’ natural fact-collecting enthusiasm. On average, though, interests lasted from six months to three years, and you definitely should encourage them to help them stick around.