Hola Nanu


¡Hola! My name is Nanu and I’m the owner and director of “Hola Nanu”.
I was born in Argentina where I spent my last years there working as a lawyer at a successful law firm, and moved to Australia in 2010 to meet up with my, back then “summer love”, Shaun.
Ten years later we are happily married, have two cheeky boys Benji and Cruz and I never left this beautiful country… or practice law again!
For the last 22 years I developed a huge passion for education and early childhood after being a child care educator, full time nanny and Montessori trained early childhood educator. So I decided to create my own bilingual program to teach children to learn a new language through music, movement and books – but to also make the learning process fun and exciting for them!a
This business started as a Spanish early childhood program. Following my philosophy of learning and education, the business became a space where I wanted to offer quality resources at affordable prices.
My goal is to make learning an exciting process for children while encouraging meaningful family connections at home to continue the learning.
I truly believe that children learn best when they are enjoying themselves in a safe and loving environment, they don’t even realise they are actually learning!
During my classes I use amazing quality resources that I have collected during the last two decades of working with children from all around the world.
Parents usually ask me where I bought this or that. So I decided to put together my all-time favourite resources and offer them online for purchase so everyone continue learning at home. Buying from this site will mean you are supporting a small family business.
We appreciate all our customers and we want to help you make your experience enjoyable. We are here to help! If you have any questions please email me at nanu@holananu.com.au or find me on social media
Thank you for your support! Gracias!

My YouTube Channel

Welcome to my Youtube Channel, where I will be sharing short videos using our favourite educational resources. I invite you to watch them with your little ones. Feel free to share with me your child’s favourite book so I can read it in Spanish!

Let’s make learning fun!

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